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People Strategy helps you to develop successful human capital strategies and plans in China. We provide you with tailor made solutions in China on recruitment strategies, compensation strategies, organization structures, employee evaluation systems as well as employee retention programs.

International Employment Solutions helps you to design home-country based expatriate compensation and benefit packages with an aim to maximize employee's benefit while minimize the company's total compensation cost, through our various planning techniques on employee benefit programs as well as PRC individual income tax.

Equity incentive helps multinational companies to implement their global equity based incentive plans in China. We also help growing enterprise to design similar plans based on their specific situation to reach a win-win situation by improving the cash flows of the company while maximizing employee performance and retention ratio.

Individual Income Tax Services helps people to minimize and defer their PRC individual income tax liabilities through effective global and PRC tax planning. We also help you to set-up a compliance process which ensures 100% compliance as well as confidentially of the senior management payroll information.

Immigration Services helps you to ensure the full compliance to Chinese labor and immigration rules and minimize you personal involvement in handle the routine application and renewal work.

Payroll system and outsourcing helps you to develop automated payroll systems to timely disburse the payments, minimize unexpected errors and save your in-house handling costs.

Personal Wealth Services provides you with guidance and plans how to increase the value of your personal assets in an organized way.

HR Due Diligence and Post Deal Integration helps you to know the HR side of the acquisition target, what changes are required and how to make the changes happen. Please also refer to our M&A service section to get an overview how we can help you to successfully settle a deal in China.


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