Taxand Global 网络研讨会: 消费品行业转让定价的全球视角


Taxand Global 网络研讨会: 消费品行业转让定价的全球视角

On March 19, 2024, our China Transfer Pricing(TP) team has made speech in the Taxand Global Webinar: Global Perspectives on Transfer Pricing in the Consumer Goods Industry, with a particular focus on Asia and Europe.


From economic and geo-political factors causing disruption in the supply chain, brand investment, intangibles, digital marketing, the use of AI and the changing value chain, to the transfer pricing considerations to be made in typical intercompany transactions and practical examples in particular with comparisons from our colleagues in China and India, a lot of ground was covered!


The panelist includes following:


Moderator主持人: Justine Schoutteten, Arsene Taxand, France

Rohit Jain, Economic Laws Practice (ELP), Taxand India

Caterina Colling Russo, Tax Partner AG, Taxand Switzerland

Judy Gu, Hendersen Taxand, China

Sergiy M., Alvarez & Marsal Tax, Taxand UK

Attendees come from 24 countries/regions around the world.


We have talked the topics “Value drivers and value chain in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, Luxury goods industry, and Retail industry”, “Business trends that may have impact on Transfer Pricing”, “The main TP challenges you may face in these industries and how these trends may have an effective impact in the inter-company transactions”,“a Specific focus on Intangibles with highlight on intangible marking assets, and typical identified challenges in intercompany transaction we expect in these industry” and last but not least, “the overlapping customs and transfer pricing adjustment each of you may face inevitably in China”

我们逐一讨论了以下议题“快速消费品(FMCG)行业、奢侈品行业和零售行业的价值驱动因素和价值链”、“可能对转让定价产生影响的商业趋势”、“您在这些行业中可能面临的主要转让定价挑战以及这些趋势如何对(关联)公司间交易产生有效影响”、“重点关注无形资产,聚焦营销型无形资产,以及我们预期在这些行业发生的(关联)公司间交易中的典型识别挑战” 最后同样重要的是,“您在中国可能会遇到交叉的海关和转让定价调整问题”




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